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Let’s [reframe]

Great leaders generously share what they’ve learnt, realise what’s possible and continually inspire others to show up as the best version of themselves. Our world needs these passionate, creative and brave leaders who are not afraid to fully show up and make a difference.

Everyone knows how much I value any opportunity to coach and develop great leaders, who will in turn create great culture. I’m so excited to join forces with three incredible human beings and present The Reframe Experience.

The idea of The [REFRAME] Experience is a powerful one. Imagine a room full of these leaders, ready to be the change the world needs right now. Check out The Reframe Experience  and then apply to join me and three other coaches (we all coach at Seth Godin’s altMBA ) for one day in Melbourne on 21 September 2018.

We want you to walk away from this experience feeling ambitious. Feeling excited. Feeling free to take on the parts of your life that really matter, with the tools to excel at them.

We know that’s might sound impossible for a day’s work. But we’ve worked with hundreds of leaders around the world, and we’ve seen the amazing changes that can happen when you come into a session focused on your goals and work with a supportive team to work through your own challenges and find the possibilities.

See you there.


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