We design and deliver gatherings, workshops and events where people learn to deepen their awareness, care for one another, and lead with more courage and creativity.

Freerthinking works with amazing people who want to do incredible things. We help organisations, teams and individuals transform into the most vibrant versions of themselves.
At the heart of what we do is a commitment to human flourishing and creating positive impact.

About us

Why  Freerthinking exists.

Mary Freer is on a mission to deepen our awareness and strengthen our accountability. She is bringing compassion front and centre to our moral and economic imagination. 

The world of work; the way we deliver healthcare; the systems we build to ensure our communities thrive; the leadership we grow; and the emotional and physical wellbeing of those working to keep us well — this is where the new world is being made.

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“What I notice, is the great reservoir of goodness — the people who want to make the world of work more beautiful, the leaders who are ready to reckon with our past, the willingness to find a way through that keeps hope alive.”  
Mary Freer



Mary Freer offers coaching to a small number of select leaders. One on one sessions are held monthly over a one year period. 

Mary says, “Leaders need to know how to hold power and distribute it — and they need to seek out diverse voices and find common ground. This work takes courage and practice. I’m interested in the interior world of leaders and how I can help them build the muscle for compassion. This is how we achieve great things.”

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MC / Keynote

Mary captivates her audience. She has delivered keynote sessions to CEOs, clinicians, young people and leaders at every level across the world. Mary is the speaker when you want your audience to be moved, challenged and motivated to take action to build better outcomes.
When you bring people together you'll need someone you can trust to hold space with great care and attention. Mary will do just that and bring infectious joy and vibrancy with her.

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Recovery & Rebuild

This is a time where old strategic planning models and a reliance on hierarchical line of management is finally over.

Freerthinking is working at pace to scale deep and meet our frontline workforce where they are. We have created on-line meetups, whole of organisation recovery plans, covid ward support groups and mini labs. We’re bringing joy back to work. Let us help you plan your workforce recovery and rebuilding.

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Compassion Revolution

Compassion Revolution is a movement where we learn from those who are creating a compassionate future. This is a place where we inspire, learn new skills, develop new strategies and make a strong commitment to design a world that is in service to life in healthcare.

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Compassion Lab
Compassion Collaborative
Compassion Conference
The book

A great how-to
for building compassion into your life.

The revolution will happen when compassion is fundamental to the way people build their lives. This part-great read, part-instruction manual is a great contributor to how the world can find it's way back to relief. Published November 2021.

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Compassion is broadcast

Each week, we dive into what it means to practice love, compassion, courage and all the hard work of showing up to shape a compassion revolution across health care. Head over to Compassion Revolution to listen to the episodes.

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